Technology is becoming more and more widespread throughout the modern home.

We believe that the way we design a residential AV installation, ease of use is essential. By doing this, it  ensures that your system will incorporate seamlessly into your home-life and give many years of enjoyment using it.

We offer a range of home AV services from design, installation and post installation maintenance. These services include, multi-room audio systems, video distribution, smart lighting, CCTV, motorised blinds and home network installation. We would welcome the oportunity to run through a project you may have and come up with a solution which fits both budget and aesthetics.


We also provide commercial audio visual installation. Whether it be a restaurant, office, or other commercial environment, we make every effort to install the most suitable AV solution for your budget that is simple to use.

We would be more than happy to visit your place of work to discuss the project in more detail and offer advice on the best solution for your requirements. Apart from AV installation, we also offer lighting design, PA, and audio sound systems, VOIP telephone communication and network services.


Extending the music from inside the house and into the garden area, is something which we find many of our clients enjoy.

To create this fantastic experience, we turned to one of the leading companies in the industry, Triad, who provide one of the best sounding and flexible outdoor speaker systems.

Their weatherproof speakers deliver amazing sound quality and blend discretely into your outdoor landscaping. Once properly set up, the system can be tuned and the speakers angled to keep the music within your listening area, without disturbing others.