Nowadays we believe that smart lighting control is an important feature enabling you to manage the lighting throughout your home. Gone are the days of the outdated and confusing unnamed multi switch panels. You can now replace them with a more elegant and efficient way of controlling the lighting in  your home.

Instead of several switches being selected to create a lighting scene, smart lighting control allows multiple light circuits to be programmed and controlled in a simple and intelligent way. Keypad buttons, once programmed allow you to turn on/off multiple lights with a single press producing a lighting scene. Creating different scenes and saving them to a dedicated button on the keypad can be done in each room, making the scene in each room bespoke.

Should someone enter a room who has never used the keypad before, they can easily navigate their way around it, even at night as each button is engraved and backlit.

Once a lighting control system is installed, the flexibility and potential for creativity is endless.


Our preferred lighting control system is Control4. Their lighting control can be installed as a standalone product, or integrated seamlessly within a Control4 home automation system. Control4 can be dedicated to a single room or a whole house system, it’s a a scaleable system, so you can start off small, and grow the system as you wish.

Home automation lighting allows you to program and automate your lighting to come on, and go off at desired times, or it can be linked to synchronise with other equipment in the home.

The ‘Watch Movie’ lighting scene could be activated, dimming the lights when your film for the evening is activated for example, or setting the house lights at a desired level when you set your alarm should you go out for the evening.

Not only does this make your life more convenient, but it can be particularly beneficial for your home security. Control4 incorporates a ‘Mockupancy’ feature, which is a type of ‘occupancy simulation.’

It can keep track of all lighting, blinds, and video entertainment while you’re at home. When you leave the house and put Control4 in ‘Away’ mode, it will replay those behaviours throughout your home system (using slightly randomized times). To an outside observer, it will look just like you’re at home, watching your favourite shows and turning lights on and off around the house.