The Control4 Door Station provides excellent video and audio Intercom quality in combination with video intercom touchscreens to provide you the ability to monitor and communicate with your front doors, gates or entryways.

When someone rings the doorbell on your Door Station, you’ll see and hear who is calling before you decide to answer, or not. A video image of the caller will display on touch screens throughout the house.

You can choose to accept and talk to the person, or simply press ignore.

Also, when using the Door Station ‘Intercom Anywhere’ app on your mobile device it becomes part of the intercom. You’ll always know who’s at the door, from wherever you are.

You can quickly tap a custom button within the app, to disarm the alarm, turn on the porch light, and unlock the door. Once the item to be delivered is placed safely inside, another tap locks the door once again.

It is available in flush-mount and surface-mount options, and with or without integrated keypad.