Nowadays, we are spending more time at home than ever before, whether it be for work, socialising, or entertainment. The internet now plays an essential role in many of our lives, which is why a robust Wi-Fi network installation is an essential part of any modern home.

This is why we take such great pride in the design and installation of providing trouble free networks. We ensure that our home networks will give you reliable connectivity wherever you may need it within your property.


When installing a wireless network in a home, there are some important things to consider. Without realising it, your wireless Router may actually be working harder than it should be. Modern thermal foil insulation, metal structures and other signal degrading materials within the walls and ceilings of a building could be killing its signal before it has had a chance to reach you. This is also the case for older properties, where thick walls can cause an issue.

Particular problems happen in larger properties the further away you are from your Router. There are many situations where the Router is positioned at one end of the house, resulting in the signal being weak, or none existent the further away you get towards the other end of the house.

To help overcome these problems, a wireless access point installation allows us to cover your entire home with unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can benefit from a strong signal everywhere it is required.

Wireless access points are essentially Wi-Fi ‘boosters’. We use a software package to enable us to conduct a survey of the property allowing us to work out the optimum places to install the access points in discrete locations around the home. These then link back to your Router to boost its signal. After programming, you won’t jump between different Wi-Fi’s within the property. All of the access points combine to create one complete system, so you stay connected to it, with a strong signal everywhere.