Automated blinds are becoming more and more requested nowadays, and a smart home system makes this possible. The operation of the blinds can be made instantly from either a keypad, or phone app, or they can be made to synchronise with the function of something else in the house. For example, in a cinema room if a button is pressed, the blinds could automatically lower, the lights could dim, whilst the amplifier and projector get themselves fired up for the entertainment to start.

At Orangehouse AV, we prefer to install Q-Motion blinds. They integrate perfectly with our Control4 systems, and come in a wide range of fabrics. They also supply semi translucent shading which is extremely effective when used in a well-lit room, such as a sunroom, or orangery.  Q-Motion offer both a wired and battery powered solution for their blinds. We would always choose the wired option on a new project, but the battery alternative is ideal in a retrofit situation. Q-Motion blinds have virtually silent motors in them, and are the perfect match with Control4 home automation systems.

Images from QMotion