Our aim is to ensure that your home cinema delivers a completely involving experience. Choosing the right mix of hardware for each project allows us to create an immersive cinema sound and incredible clarity with 4k resolution, adding magic to the viewing experience. We have a belief in not over-specifying and installing unnecessary equipment that you ultimately do not need.

We offer a range of options from on wall, in-ceiling, or hidden plaster over speakers, ceiling mount, or ultra-short throw projectors, and more, allowing us to create an incredible cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.


After your home cinema is set up delivering those big screen adventures, there may be further steps you wish to take to create an even more perfect experience. We can include features such as hidden LED mood lighting, fibre optic star scape ceilings, motorised black-out blinds, reclining cinema seats, to mention but a few.

There are many options which we can suggest from past experiences of installations of home cinemas in the past, there is absolutely nothing that is out of reach. If you have the ideas, we can put them into practice.


A great implementation to a home cinema is to include it as part of the smart home system and home automation. This is something which can really make your cinema room stand out from the crowd.

With the option of a bespoke wall panel, smartphone app or a custom touch screen remote control, at the touch of a single button we can make some great things happen. We can program your room to start the projector, lower your blinds, and dim your lighting to the perfect level. If you want to take a break and pause the film at any time, we can program the lights to come back on. It’s all possible with smart control.

Operating your home cinema has never been so easy.  Modern smart home technology is incredibly powerful and can be spread throughout the home to make your life easier. To read more about home automation take a look at our smart home page

To see an example of one of our home cinema installations click here