One of the major benefits to a smart home is that of security. A home automation system can allow you to control locks remotely, or even send you email notifications when something has been left unlocked. People nowadays require more peace of mind than simply an app showing live CCTV footage. Watching recordings after a crime has been committed inevitably doesn’t uncover the culprit and lead to them being caught. Home automation deals with security at the source and lessens the risk of any break in attempts by putting good security practices in place.

CCTV, alarm systems, gate & door entry systems, face and number plate recognition can all be integrated into your Control4 smart home system. You can combine lighting control, automated blinds, and audio to program your home and simulate your families’ activity when you’re away. Control4 call this feature ‘Mocupancy’, and it provides that extra layer of security to give you that added peace of mind whilst you are out of the property.