A multi-room audio system is something which allows you to fill your home with amazing sound at the touch of a button, or from your smart phone. You can stream your favourite music in one, or several rooms at the same time. The music stream can be either be the same in all the rooms, or different in each one, if required.

Using a Control4 system you can be creative with the audio streams, and program your favourite sounds to play at a certain time, such as first thing in the morning, to give you a soothing wake up call.

We install excellent sounding speakers from brands such as Triad, Monitor Audio, KEF and Sonance to provide superb multi-room sound systems that blend effortlessly with your home’s decor. Our products include ceiling speakers, plaster-over hidden speakers, weatherproof garden speakers and floor standing audiophile speakers. Our multi-room audio systems are simple to use and we are confident they will enhance the way you listen to music around the home.


Multi-room video distribution allows you to enable every screen in your home to become a Smart TV without any hardware in the room cluttering the space. We designate a central hub where we install all the equipment out of the way. In each TV room you can watch SKY, Netflix, Apple TV, catch up TV and more. All of these video streams are controlled with a single custom programmed remote control, which is so easy to use. Gone are the days of unnecessary multiple remotes.

Also, there are many recorded streams of concerts and gigs nowadays, so when you couple together the video and multi-room audio system, it’s possible to create that ‘being there’ live experience.